Life in the fast lane


Don't give John any ideas!

The highlight of my week was buying a car – it’s a cute little SUV. It’s fun to have my own wheels! It’s still an adjustment to remember to stay on the left side of the road…and to remember which side of the car the driver’s side is on, but I’m learning!

This was a busy and fun week. Last Sunday morning, we went to Rick and Sarah’s for a yummy brunch with homemade waffles. I enjoyed chatting with a woman who is visiting them – she is here for a couple of weeks working with an NGO. We were able to walk to their house because they live right behind us – there’s a gate in between us (sort of like Mom and Aunt Bonnie’s set-up). We had met them briefly because they were in Jerusalem when we were in Tel Aviv – a very nice couple.

Monday I had lunch with Barbara from the German Embassy – I had also met her in Tel Aviv last year when we were both working there. She is lots of fun, and I hope to see more of her.

Tuesday night we took Rick out for his birthday – we went to a great Moroccan restaurant at the Serena. Even though the restaurants don’t serve alcohol, some places allow you to bring your own bottle of wine, which is nice. Rick has become a good friend – and there is also an Israel connection with him: we met his girlfriend last year because she is serving in Jerusalem. Small world.

Friday night was a big management section cookout after work in one of the courtyards at the Embassy – lots of folks turned out for burgers and beer – a good way to end the week!

I have an update on the celosia plant from last week’s post. My friend Joan wrote to say, “Actually the celosia is an amaranth which is native to Latin America.  The greens are edible and very nutritious. I always referred to this species as “brain flower.” Maybe I’ll cook up some of the greens!

Speaking of Joan, she has concluded her chemo treatments and had her surgery last Thursday, and it sounds like she is doing great! She was home after just a short time in the hospital, and was already planning a walk around the neighborhood when she emailed me  – she’s really amazing. Here’s to a speedy recovery!



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