Not much new here – you?

At Lita's last Friday with smoke from the firepit

This photo was taken at Frank and Lita’s last Friday night when we went over for a party. We were all sitting in the front yard around the fire pit. Those are generators in the background – we have one or two, as well, but luckily ours is out of sight behind the garage. Anyway, it was a nice night, especially sitting around the fire.

Last Sunday was very pleasant. Rick came over for breakfast and to watch John roast coffee. Afterward, John and I went to sit on Kellee and Jim’s rooftop – it was a gorgeous day. We drank wine and Jim grilled – it was just a nice time.

Michael and I have been on our own this week since Scott’s been on R&R – and even Michael left me Thursday to go to Karachi. I’ve missed my regular lunch buddies!

During the week, we interviewed for a local staff position, so that was kind of fun. I think we found a good candidate. Friday, NIV went out to lunch at the Serena as a farewell to Brandon. We’ll sure miss him in the section.

I went to the gym four of the five workdays. I’ve been trying to increase my distance to 5k. I can’t jog the whole way, but I alternate jogging and walking. I’ve also been trying to get up early to do a short yoga practice – it’s helping me feel a bit more limber and not so stiff. It’s a struggle, though!

John worked a bit late on Friday night, then Rick came over later for dinner and a visit.

Saturday I worked for a while and hit the gym, then went for a great massage and manicure. Later in the day, John and I watched “J. Edgar,” about J. Edgar Hoover, which we really liked. That night we met Kellee, Carla and Mike at the Marriott for sushi – I’ve never been a big sushi fan, but all of a sudden it’s all I want to eat. The rest of the folks got a huge sashimi boat – it was really served in a boat – we wanted a photo but no one had a camera. Guess we’ll have to go back!

I don’t think I mentioned that Flavie made her first trip to the vet last Saturday, and she went back yesterday. Last Saturday was for her regular rabies and other vaccines; yesterday she went for some sort of a fungus vaccine – I’m not sure what it is, but Dr. Rana says that spores are everywhere here in Pakistan – he made it sound so creepy that we relented and took her back! I don’t want any fungus spores on her! Next Saturday she has to go back for preventative worm treatment. I hate having to take her so much, but he doesn’t want to do everything at once. It’s so affordable here, it’s really amazing. $35 for her rabies and distemper vaccines, which would have been over $100 at home. And Dr. Rana is nice – he kissed her on the top of the head before he put her back in her carrier!


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