Picnic at Margalla Hills













We enjoyed a fun picnic with John’s staff yesterday out at a campsite in the Margalla Hills. It was so warm and sunny, and the sky was clear blue! The folks on his staff are really sweet – they grilled chicken and kicked around a soccer ball. I spent most of my time talking to his female employees and the wives of the male employees – they are very cute and nice. Here’s a group photo.

John's work group










Earlier in the week, it sure didn’t feel like spring! On Wednesday it was chilly and it rained cats and dogs – we even had hail! That evening, there were piles of pea-sized hail still piled up in the grass. Very bizarre!

Friday night we went out with Mike and Carla for sushi, then Saturday was the picnic. Aterward, we took Flavie to the vet for her preventive worm pill, and I wanted Dr. Rana to check out a couple of small cysts on her hips. She had a cyst removed years ago and it looks like it has come back in the same spot. We’re going to watch them for a couple of weeks and have them removed if they start growing more.

After the trip to the vet, I watched “Grey Gardens,” a documentary about Jackie Kennedy’s nutty aunt and cousin who lived in East Hampton, then stayed up late to watch “The Life of Pi”- a really good movie, and so interesting to see how Ang Lee adapted the book.

It looks like another gorgeous day – we are going to enjoy the weather now, because soon it will be too hot to do anything!


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