Low-key week

John at the Embassy's National Day Event


Here’s a great photo of John taken at the National Day Event that he was in charge of – he looks very handsome and official! Click to see all of the photos from the event.

We had a pretty quiet week, then lots of activities on the weekend. We had a great time with our friends from the German Embassy at their house Friday night. It was a great way to end a long week!

Saturday I worked for a while, then we went to a carpet and jewelry party at a friend’s house. We walked ¬†away empty-handed, but saw some pretty carpets and gems. Later we met Howie and Petit for sushi, and had a fun time visiting with them.

I finally got my driver’s license this week. A man from the Embassy took me out there. I will never complain about the DMV again! There were ¬†lots of folks there, but no women other than two ladies working there. I took an eye test, then a computer test with 10 questions on a touch-screen computer – if my hand started going to the wrong answer, the lady attendant would reach over and hit the right answer for me! This may be why people here are not the best drivers!


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