Country comes to town

With my friend Scott in Monterrey

I got the opportunity to go to Monterrey to work this Thursday and Friday – it was a lot of fun. Monterrey is very pretty and cosmopolitan in comparison to Ciudad Juarez, especially in the part of town where I was. Starbucks on every corner, big malls, tall buildings, late model sedans (not F-150s), etc. My hotel was quite fancy, too.

Thursday night I went to a sunset happy hour with some of the officers – we were in an outdoor rooftop bar, surrounded by the gorgeous mountains of Monterrey, great breeze, then a full moon. It was great!

That said, I was happy to come home to Juarez. The house was empty when I got in late Friday night because John flew to Little Rock to go to Uncle Perk’s 90th birthday party. Many of you know Uncle Perk as the “hummingbird guy.” John got to see lots of his family, plus Mary, Doug, and Deb. Wish I could have been there!

Tuesday night I went to a Rotary Club meeting – I’m on a committee to help put together a college-level symphony concert here in Juarez with a symphony from El Paso.  There are 12 clubs here in Juarez and it was neat to hear about their charity projects – they are pretty active.

Last Sunday afternoon we went to Michael and Suzanne’s house for lunch. John took me back to Corralito’s on Wednesday night. 

Work was pretty low-key. John is already beating me in the immigrant section, doing way more cases than me each day. How does he do it???

The rooftop bar in Monterrey

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