Rain, rain, rain

Yesterday we were housebound because of pouring rain off and on all day. There is no drainage in Juarez, so the streets flood, and things aren’t a lot better in El Paso. So, our planned trip to Las Cruces and El Paso was postponed. One odd side effect from the rain (aside from a roof leak) is that our door bell rings for no apparent reason now. Last night during the rain, it rang a lot. Thankfully it stopped during the night, but it’s been doing it again this morning. It’s sort of creepy.

This was a pretty busy week. Last Sunday, I went to a brunch at Porto Bello’s for a newly-arrived officer, Connie, whom we had over for dinner with another officer later in the week. John got home from Uncle Perk’s party in the early afternoon – he had a good time at the party and was happy to see a lot of family.

Another new officer, Ryan, just moved in across the street from us, so he came over one night for a drink. In the small world category, he knows our friend Jim (of Jim and Joan fame) through the World Bank, or at least knows him electronically.

Thursday night I went to a girls’ night at another officer’s house – it was fun to sit around and yak. Friday night we went to Corralito’s for dinner, then watched “The Dead Girl,” a pretty interesting movie.

Here’s hoping the rain stops so we can get out to do our shopping…

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