Business as usual

This week was pretty much just business as usual, at least for me. John has taken on some new responsibilities at work, working half of his day with the facilities folks to get ready for the move to the new Consulate building in November. He really is doing great!

We had several training classes this week – what to do in case of a car-jacking, surviving terrorist attacks, rape awareness, etc. Not particularly uplifting themes, but I do have a gas-mask thing at my desk now, as well as syringes full of nerve-gas remedy.

We had our neighbors Michael, Teresa, Ryan and Lara over for dinner Friday night – it was fun. We grilled burgers and had homemade strawberry ice cream – yum yum. Ryan and Lara just moved in a few weeks ago and are super-nice.

Last night we met Caroline and Harold for dinner at Corralito’s. Today we are just reading and relaxing. I’m going to grill some ribs in a bit, and of course, there is usually a TV with the Olympics on somewhere in the house. Love that Michael Phelps!

Cousin James had surgery this week but seems to be recouperating nicely. He’ll be out of commission for a few weeks.

I forgot to mention that I re-watched a couple of Joan Allen movies recently, “The Ice Storm” and “The Upside of Anger” – both are really, really good.

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