Nothing much going on here, you?

Really, not a lot happened around here this week, just issuing lots of visas. The immigrant visa work has gotten a bit more routine for me, although each case is still different.

We had a meeting with the regional psychiatrist at lunch one day this week…are they trying to tell us something? Another lunch was spent with our management, talking about an upcoming inspection. John continues to do great work, helping the facilities group plan for the move to the new Consulate building.

John went to Dallas Friday night, to spend the weekend with his buddy Russ Stoker. From the phone calls, it sounds like they are having a blast. Stoker’s wife and family were out of town, so it was a bachelors’ weekend.

In John’s absence, I did a little shopping at the mall in El Paso, after dropping him off at the airport Friday night, then I had a drink with neighbors Michael and Teresa.

On Saturday, I went on an historic Juarez tour with a small group from work. We had a great tour guide, a local history professor, who took us inside some of the places we had driven by on a previous tour, like the Mission of Guadalupe (built in the 1600s and amazingly has survived) and the Customs Museum. We finished with a late lunch at a good restaurant.

Now it’s off to El Paso for a little grocery shopping before I pick up John at the airport.

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