Good times

The RDS Girls - Leah, Kathy, Christy, Beth and Pam











The highlight of the week was a party at the Oyster Bar Friday night! We saw lots of our good friends, which was great. With a trip this short, there’s just no way to really spend quality time with everyone you would like to. So, time for a party. Just wonderful to see old friends!

I made my first visit to Superior Bathhouse and Brewery this week. It’s so great to see how the beautiful bathhouses are being refurbished and re-purposed. Rose and Todd have done a beautiful job with the Superior. And – although I haven’t seen it yet – I’ve heard that Michelle and Anthony have done fabulous things with the Quapaw – kudos to them for reviving the bath house!

As you might imagine, John and Stoker had already scoped out the Superior and were on a first name basis with the wait staff and owners. It is a beautiful place.

The other highlight of the week was finding a wonderful masseuse, Janet Gillham. My neck and shoulders were very, very stiff from who-knows-what: computer work, stress, the 30 hour trip to Arkansas – who knows? Janet is doing wonders! If you’re looking for massage therapy in Hot Springs (not just a relaxing massage), check her out. It’s been my indulgence since I’ve been home.

Here are a few more photos from our party Friday night!

With Robin and Ann










With Kelley












With Leslie

With Peggy and Ann

With Holly and Rick

With the Hoopers

John with Deb and Doug

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