Too short

Lake Hamilton

As usual, vacation went by way too fast! John and I had to leave Hot Springs at noon on Thursday to start the trip back. Everything was fine and dandy until we got to Pakistan. We couldn’t land in Islamabad due to weather, so we were diverted to Lahore. After several hours sitting on the runway there, they announced we had to return to Abu Dhabi, then would get a new aircraft to return us to Islamabad. Chaos ensued on board, and finally the airline just dumped us all out in Lahore!

There were seven of us from the Embassy on board. John arranged for the Embassy to get us by car and take us to Islamabad. Finally, after a five and a half drive to Islamabad, we made it home!

Flavie was glad to see us…eventually. She pouts for a while and won’t come out from hiding, then she just wants to sit on my lap non-stop.

Last Sunday we had a wonderful morning on the lake with David and Alison. We went out for a three-hour boat ride on Lake Hamilton – lovely! (Again, we got the itch to buy a lake house!)

Alison made us the most wonderful present ever – she painted miniature flags representing all of the countries where John and I have lived. They are displayed on small easels – what a wonderful gift! Thank you, Alison!

Alison Parsons originals







Monday we met Pete and Ginger for lunch in Little Rock at the Faded Rose. Good to see them! Later that day we went to Mary’s house to catch up with her. She’s doing great.

With Mary and Cruella










Tuesday, the movers came to pack some things to send back to Islamabad. I stocked up on paper goods, detergent, etc. That evening, we stopped by Superior Brewery for a drink, then had an incredible meal at The Porterhouse. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs!

Superior Brewery










I was happy to see both Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Louise on this trip. Bonnie seems to be doing well and has a good group of caretakers. Louise is not doing well health-wise, but was in pretty good spirits nonetheless.

I spent my last full day of vacation getting a great haircut/color with Mike and Peggy at their salon, then Mom took us to lunch at Smokin’ in Style. That night, we met the Stokers at El Podrino, our favorite Mexican restaurant in town.

We had a great home leave, but it was way too short! Click to see all of our home leave photos.

Thanks for a good time, Hot Springs!

Bathhouse Row

The Ducks still in business

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