Not much new

John and Honey

This was a pretty slow week. I’m trying to just come home after work to study Spanish and not plan anything social to distract myself. I did make it to the gym three days after work – good to get back in the swing of that. We stayed home all day last Sunday to study, which was nice. ¬†We did manage to watch the rest of Season Two of “The Hour,” and the latest episode of “Breaking Bad.”

We’re really enjoying Honey, the little Chihuahua. She’s very well-behaved, although she will occasionally bark at Flavie – but they seem to have established a truce of sorts. She loves nothing better than to get treats and sit on John’s lap.

John spent two afternoons this week interviewing applicants for Fulbright scholarships. He really enjoyed it and said it was interesting to hear the students’ proposals for studying in the U.S. He also went to a going-away dinner for his boss on Thursday night.

Saturday I went to an all-day orientation for the school board at the superintendent’s house. It was actually informative and a lot of fun – the superintendent and the board members are just really nice.

When I got home I studied for a bit, then we watched a very raunchy, trashy movie called “The Paperboy.” Despite how extremely disturbing it was, we really enjoyed it. It had a great cast, and Nicole Kidman played a campy Florida tramp – I really enjoy her acting.



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