Happy Labor Day

John and I spent a nice Labor Day weekend at home. Studied Spanish much of the time, but took a break on Monday to go to the spa. Very relaxing and I avoided any urge to go to work!

Unfortunately I didn’t feel great this week – had a touch of a stomach bug, which is common here. I stayed home on Thursday and slept and read all day.

Friday was back to work, but we left around 3:30 PM due to a large protest that threatened to cut off access to our neighborhood. Luckily we got home with no problems.

We watched several episodes of “Luther” this week (it has one of our favorite actors from “The Wire” in it), and we watched this week’s episode of “Breaking Bad.”

We’ve been trying to decide on a vacation spot for our fall R&R. We’d like to take advantage of being on this side of the world, so we’re looking at Thailand, Indonesia, etc. It’s hard work!

Honey is still with us and we’re still really enjoying her being here!

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