Keep on truckin’

Truck art

This decorated truck was at the Embassy to move a big container, so some friends and I climbed on for a photo. I do love the way they decorate trucks here – it’s very fun!

I had several meetings with our Deputy Chief of Mission this week about the International School (where I’m on the board) to bring him up to speed on it, and I had a long school board meeting at Rose’s house on Wednesday – luckily she feeds us well!

John and I finally decided on a place to stay in Thailand for our fall R&R – we’ve really spent a lot of time looking at different places. It’s nice to have that resolved and tickets purchased – something to look forward to!

I had my first long distance Spanish lesson this week – it went fine but lordy it makes my head hurt. I haven’t been as diligent about studying this week as I should have been – it’s so hard to come home and study when you’re pooped from a long and busy day!

We watched a great movie last weekend, “Side Effects,” and we finished the “Luther” series. And last night we started watching season three of the Danish version of “The Killing” – excellent! And I wonder why my Spanish isn’t getting done…!

Here’s a close-up of the front of the truck:

Looking at you




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