Rain, rain

It’s Sunday morning here and we’re having another storm. I love it, especially when I am snug inside the house with John, the dog and the cat! It will pass soon but the morning rain has been a common occurrence this monsoon season.

The week was fairly busy. I had a financial committee meeting one night for the international school. Thursday night we went to an event sponsored by our public affairs section which was a lot of fun. And Friday night we went to a very enjoyable dinner party at Joseph and Sunera’s house. Lots of good conversation and good food!

The rest of the week was spent studying Spanish in the evening or watching the final season of “Luther.” I worked yesterday morning trying to get caught up a bit – it’s just crazy the amount of work we have to do!

I’m starting a distance learning class for Spanish where I will study on my own during the week, then talk via telephone to a Spanish instructor back at FSI on Monday nights. Should be good, but it’s so hard to be disciplined to do the homework! Hopefully it will pay off in the end.

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