Back in Pakistan

Last Sunday we were still in Doha. We went to the airport that morning to sign up for Global Entry. With it, we can simply swipe our passports at most airports in the U.S. rather than waiting in the immigration line. We can also use it to sign up for a TSA program that will allow us to keep our shoes on and laptops in our carry-on bags when we go through security. A nice guy from Houston did our paperwork in a small office at the airport in Doha.

Afterward, we took a taxi to the Islamic Museum of Art. It was very lovely, and I particularly liked the carpets they had on display. It’s a very pretty building that sits on the bay looking out over the water. Quite nice.

We went back to our hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the lounge, then back to the airport that evening to catch our flight back to Pakistan, again via Oman. We arrived home around 7AM. I slept for a few hours, then went to work at noon. After work, we went to pick up Honey the Chihuahua who had stayed with friends while we were gone. She was very happy to see us!

I had a few meetings this week, including finance committee for the school. Spanish lesson via telephone Monday night, which is always humbling!

Last night we went to a nice dinner party at Pam and Ron’s. Their good friend Julie was in town, so we got to meet her – she’s super nice and was fun to talk to.

All in all, a pretty good week!

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