Bye bye, Honey…hello Coco!

Honey and Coco

We were very sad to say goodbye to Honey Friday night! Her mom was in Bangkok on a work trip, so some friends took her to meet up with her so she can go back to America. She made the trip to Bangkok fine, and will be heading home later this week. We so enjoyed having her, and John is convinced now that we need a dog!

About an hour before Honey left, our new charge arrived – Coco. We’ll have her for a week or so. She is a Pekingese mix, I think. She’s also very sweet, but different from Honey. It’s funny how they each have their personalities. Flavia continues to look down from her cat tree with disdain for this spate of dog-sitting at Casa Crippen!

It was a very busy week! Tuesday evening I took Honey to the vet for her travel papers. I wish I had had my camera – four young Pakistani vet techs were just loving all over her and vying to hold her.

Wednesday, computer problems at work plagued us in the afternoon and evening, so I was trying to deal with that around a two-hour school board meeting at the Superintendent’s house. It continued up until 11PM or so when I finally just went to bed. Thanks to our hard-working IT department, everything was back to normal the next day – good thing, since we had a lot of VVIP travelers who needed visas.

Thursday we had a mini-Juarez reunion to say goodbye to our friend Jason, along with Howie and Petit. With the exception of Howie, we all worked together in Juarez in 2008-10. We went to a neat outdoor restaurant that had a big aviary and enjoyed some good Pakistani food.

Petit, Howie, Jason, John










Yesterday I worked most of the day just getting caught up after a busy week, then John and I started watching “The Bridge,” a detective show that is set on the border of Juarez and El Paso. The premise is that a dead body is found cut in two…placed exactly on the US-Mexican border on the bridge. It’s fun to see familiar places, and since some of it is in Spanish, it counts as studying…right?



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