Oh no! 5-0!

John turned the big 5-0 this week! Happy birthday! Unfortunately our celebration plans were thwarted due to security concerns, so our dinner party last week got canceled, and we just stayed home and ordered pizza for his actual birthday on Tuesday. Not exactly the way we had planned it, but it’s how it turned out. At any rate, we enjoyed being together!

Last Sunday afternoon, we went to our neighbor’s house, Rick and Sarah, for a little neighborhood get-together. It was fun – we drank wine and sat on their balcony around a fire pit. Very nice! Rick whipped up some pasta, and someone brought some incredible cheese and jamon from Spain, so it was a little feast.

Last Monday I went after work and picked up the males cats after their sterilization and released them back on the Embassy compound, then repeated that on Tuesday for the females. They were all happy to be out of their cages. Mike and I nabbed two more yesterday and ran them to the vet. The feeding stations are being built by two of the men in Facilities – they are doing a bang-up job. I thought we’d get pitiful little structures, but Jeff and Steve have built something more akin to condominiums! We’ll get some volunteers out to varnish them and they will be ready to put around the compound. Very impressive.

Thursday was rainy and chilly. My new Spanish-speaking friend Eva came to the house and worked with me in Spanish for a couple of hours. She is really amazing! I really appreciate her time.

Friday, John, Brad, Barbara, Edward and I had our French Friday lunch. Very pleasant.

John and I watched two movies this week – “Now You See Me,” a fun movie about magic. And we watched “The Heat” again – it’s so funny. We watched it this summer when we were in Hot Springs and we wanted to see it again. Fun!


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