Trash pile across from our house; two cats hang out there and someone dutifully goes through it a few times a week

So Monday was Veterans’ Day, then Thursday and Friday of this week were Muslim holidays. Since they historically are prone to violence, everyone stayed home from Thursday until this morning. Even now, the neighboring city where many of our local staff live, is under curfew after a mosque was burned and many were killed. The city is currently holding its breath to see what – if anything – happens today (Sunday). We are hoping it will be back to work as usual.

I did get permission to go to work on Friday in order to see two emergency visa applicants whose family had been critically injured in the United States. ┬áIt’s nice to feel like you’ve helped someone in a small way. On a related note, I was happy to get an email from my friend Gerald back in Little Rock. He lost his passport in Sri Lanka this week, and wrote to tell me that the consul there also went in on a holiday to make him a new passport. Who says gubment workers aren’t dedicated?!

When I made my run to the commissary today, I found that volunteers had varnished our cat feeding stations. With the help of a co-worker, we got one moved into place today – fingers crossed that the cats will use them! We brought two more cats home from the vet this week after being sterilized and released them back onto the compound.

Monday (holiday) I took two cats to the vet for a friend, in order to get them microchipped and vaccinated. She got stuck back in the U.S., so I will be helping her get them shipped this week. Monday night I attended a financial committee meeting for the international school.

John and I went out to eat on Wednesday – we figured we should get out of the house before the lockdown started! We had a nice bottle of wine and a good steak (BYOB, of course!).

My friend and neighbor Sarah brought me some homegrown lettuce that we have been enjoying this week – in exchange for basil from my nice plant in the yard. We also have a small rosemary bush and lots of mint (I don’t think you can ever have just a little mint, as prolific as it is!).

We were saddened to hear of the death of Mark D. today, a good friend of Jim and Joan’s and – coincidentally the nephew of one of Ginger’s good friends. In a small world way, we had met Mark many years ago through these connections.

The weather here is simply gorgeous! Cool and sunny. Inside the house we have to turn on some heat to get the chill out of the air, which Flavie adores!

Here are some parting shots of some of the cats at work that we are taking care of.


Diego (aka Dirty Cat)

Feeding station (before varnish)


Peg-Leg (our three-legged cat)

No name yet - but he sure has a loud meow!


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