So long, Thailand

Heleconia, Ko Samui

I’m at the Bangkok airport at the moment, waiting for our flight back to Islamabad. We’ve had an excellent vacation! Much of that is thanks to my fabulous co-workers and staff back at the Embassy. I’ve only done a tiny bit of work while I’ve been gone, I haven’t fretted about work, and have barely checked my email – epic success for me! Usually I’m a mother hen but not this vacation.

We left Ko Samui Saturday morning after a fabulous two weeks. We were uber relaxed and had no shortage of lazy days. We spent most mornings lingering over breakfast, then going to the gym. Afternoons were naps, studying Spanish or going to the spa. Rinse, soap, repeat. Lovely.

The last night there we did a BBQ with a fun urban fire show. The guys were pretty cool.

Fire show, Ko Samui










On the way to the airport in Ko Samui, we saw these monkeys on their way to work picking coconuts. They looked like they were having fun hanging on the side of the truck!

Three monkeys










The scenery changed quickly in Bangkok. We stayed at the ultra-funky Sofitel So – wow – what a great hotel. Just lovely. The staff was young and hip, the rooftop bar was gorgeous, the infinity pool overlooking the park was out of this world. Here’s our view:

Bangkok, view from our room














Saturday night we ventured out – we had a blast just walking around and taking in the sites.

Sunday we headed via Sky Train to the weekend market. I could only take about 30 minutes of it – just too much and too overwhelming! We went back into town, shopped a bit, then found a movie theatre so we could see the new Hunger Games. After a full day of walking, I took advantage of a nice Thai massage at the hotel right before bed time.

This morning we took our time with breakfast, then hit the gym. While John got a massage, I took a walk around the hotel’s neighborhood. I was happy to find an interesting shady street to poke along. We had a good Thai lunch at a ¬†little cafe, then took the train to the airport. (There were demonstrations downtown, and although we saw no evidence of any problems while we were in Bangkok, we were afraid traffic might be bad.)

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Tuk Tuk at rest



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