Which do you want first?

Honey's help paid off for John's Spanish test!

The good news or the bad news?

The good news is that John passed his Spanish test Friday night with a 3/3 (the score we need). The bad news is that I scored 2+/3 last Monday night, so I will have to retest in the speaking portion. Oh well! Hopefully I can knock it out in six weeks or so. I’m soooo tired of studying!

John took me out for sushi Tuesday night – yummy as usual. Wednesday it was cold and rainy. Ramonacita, the little cat that hangs out near my office, is enjoying the little bed in a box I set up for her. Someone told me they saw her and her brother Diego both curled up in it one day.

Yesterday I slept late, then worked all day. Came home in time to go to a really fun dinner party where we got to know some new folks – we laughed all night and didn’t get home until midnight!


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