Break time’s over

I took a mental break from studying Spanish this past week – much needed. Last Sunday I finally sat down and did the paperwork for insurance claims, ran to the market, and then watched “About Time” with John. It’s by the same director as “Love Actually,” and while it was a cute movie, it wasn’t nearly as good as “Love Actually.”

Several people are back in the office after Christmas R&Rs. It’s nice to have our lunch gang back together again We even were able to sit outside a couple of days this week. And we had French Friday lunch – always a nice break.

Tuesday was a Muslim holiday. I went to the gym and did some work, then John, Spence and I played “Settlers of Catan” at Joseph and Sunera’s. They cooked a great lunch and we had a really fun Settlers game.

Wednesday was a welcome admin day at work with no NIV applicants. Thursday I gave a visa briefing to some folks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; I had never been to their office before, so it was interesting.

Saturday I went to the gym and worked a while. Sunday was a nice day at home after a trip to the spa. We topped off the week with a nice dinner out with Petit and Howie.

Now it’s time to pick up the Spanish books again…wish me luck!

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