Pass the Kleenex

I’m fighting a cold this weekend – and feel like I’m losing the battle! I came home early from work on Friday and have pretty much been in bed since then. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better by tomorrow – our sweet neighbors just brought over a bowl of chicken soup for me!

Work was incredibly hectic this week. We were off on Monday, but worked overtime the rest of the week as we got used to the flow in the new Consulate building. We run about 1500 applicants through a day, so logistics can be challenging, even on a good day!

We enjoyed last Sunday in Silver City. We had coffee at a local coffee shop (complete with nice live acoustic guitar), then poked around a few shops and galleries. I’d like to go back sometime on a Saturday, since many places were closed on Sunday. We left there and drove to Old Mesilla (near Las Cruces) for lunch, then did our weekly grocery shopping and came on home.

Monday was a holiday here, so we just relaxed. I made pork stew again, and Michael and Teresa came down for dinner.

I’ve read a couple of good books over the last two weeks: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Before You Know Kindness by Chris Bohjalian. Eat Pray Love was a fun read although a little too hooey-ish for me (why don’t you quit meditating and actually do something to make the world a better place?). I really enjoyed Before You Know Kindness – very well-written and interesting fiction.

I haven’t been good about posting pictures lately – I keep forgetting the camera. Here’s a photo from a couple of months ago. We hosted a cook-out for a new incoming officer in early October – it was a lovely night, so we set up the table in the garage and invited the neighbors and a few other co-workers.

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