Our first visitors

Pete and Ginger came to visit us in Juarez for the weekend – first time we’ve used the guest room! They drove over from Pittsburg, Texas, after Thanksgiving with the Texas relatives. We met them in El Paso Friday after work and had dinner in Juarez at Los Bichis.

Saturday we took them on a tour of the Consulate, stopped for burritos at Crisostomo’s, went through the Juarez market, then drove to Old Mesilla, New Mexico, for lunch. We shopped around the square, then headed home via the scenic route over the Franklin Mountains. We topped off the day with grilled arrachera steaks at home.

They headed back to Arkansas this morning – we were so glad they came to visit!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at Caroline and Harold’s house, along with our other manager Roger and his sweet Turkish wife Aisha. Caroline is a fabulous cook – we had a feast. Harold is a great host, too. It was a nice and relaxing day.

I stayed home from work on Monday, then went back on Tuesday. Luckily it was a short week – we worked on Friday, but it was a day for desk work and no applicants.

We were most impressed by Flavia during Pete and Ginger’s visit – she actually came out of hiding and even sat on my lap while we were all talking in the living room – progress!

Here’s a shot of Caroline and her feast…


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