We had a nice flashback on Friday night when we went to Howie and Petit’s to drink some Israeli wine, along with our friend Mike L. We were all in Tel Aviv together, and we all share a love for Israeli wine. Howie had a nice bottle from Flam and another from Chateaux Golan that we enjoyed together. It brought back nice memories of sitting on our balcony in Tel Aviv. So nice of them to share with us!

We had another nice sunny week here in Islamabad, very conducive to relaxing lunches outdoors. We had French Friday lunch at the French Club, as well.

We bought a nice new treadmill recently, so this week Howie and Mike L. helped me move our old one over to Mike F.’s house. It has served us well over the last 10 years or so. So lucky to have good friends to pitch in with a truck and help moving things up stairs!

I continue to work on Spanish. My tutor Susana came over Wednesday night and again yesterday morning. I alternate between feeling terrified and confident. We’re getting more excited about our move to Guadalajara – we filled out our housing survey this week, so we spent some time poring over housing photos. We have our fingers crossed that we will get something with some outdoor space.





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