Rainy week

We had rain off and on this week, which brought out the chill in the air. The days alternated between rainy and just cloudy, but then yesterday the sun came out and it was beautiful!

Barbara and I braved the chilly weather Thursday and met some ladies from the German Embassy at the French Club for lunch – we had a lot of fun.

We had a lot of socializing this weekend: Friday night happy hour outside with the management folks, Joe C.’s birthday part later in the evening, and I went to a consular party last night at Barb’s house that was a lot of fun.

Yesterday I went to the first of a series of photography classes at a local gallery. I took a class in Tel Aviv but have managed to forget a lot of it, so I thought another class would be fun. The instructor is a very good Pakistani photographer, Azhar Hafeez – I’m looking forward to getting out and taking more pictures. Here’s a link to his web page – you can see some beautiful photographs.

All in all, it was a pretty quiet week!


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