Cowgirl up!


I was livin’ the dream this weekend at a west Texas ranch – our friends Reid and Katherine invited us to their family’s ranch out near Marfa for the weekend. We drove out Friday night and came back on Sunday. Reid treated me to a horseback ride that I thoroughly enjoyed – he even rustled up boots and spurs for me. Katherine was a cooking machine, so when we weren’t riding or out for a walk, we were eating great food. They were wonderful hosts and we enjoyed every minute of it!

My favorite thing was being outside, of course. I got up this morning and went forĀ a walk – I saw 14 wild turkeys and two deer. The sky and light out there is just gorgeous.

Reid and Katherine also had their cute two-year-old daughter Stella and their big ol’ cat, Max. Max is more like a dog than a cat. On the way out of town on Friday, we stopped at Sonic for a quick bite. We sat outside at a picnic table, and Max just sat in his cat carrier with his head poked out of the top to look around. He’s great.

We had a good week otherwise, too. Last Sunday, we went to Michael and Teresa’s for a SuperBowl party (I actually watched the game). Monday was a Mexican holiday, so we dropped off a load of TDYers over to the outlet mall, then sped back to Juarez to make two runs to the airport…then back to El Paso to pick up the shoppers and stop at Wal-Mart, too. Whew.

John’s great smoke-out continued this week with an incredible salmon. I am getting used to this!

Work was busy, as usual. Some of you may have heard about a Foreign Service Officer being found dead in his home in Ethiopia – we didn’t know him, but have mutual friends. We’re still waiting to hear what’s up with that. Very sad.

For photos from west Texas, including turkeys, deer, Max the Cat and Stella, click here.


Dinner on the porch with Reid, Stella and Katherine

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