On the road again

I flew into Little Rock on Saturday afternoon for Mom’s 83rd birthday weekend. On the way into Hot Springs, I stopped at Alison’s gallery and bought two really pretty pieces of jewelry made by her sister. Alison is doing some fun work these days, too – as always.

The cousins came out on Sunday afternoon, with a special guest appearance by my good friend Leslie. We had a great time just sitting around and yakking and eating cake.

Our big excitement this week was the bid list – the list of job opportunities available to John and me in 2010 when we leave Juarez. There are lots of interesting spots on the list – it’ll be a huge task to sort through everything and see what we want to bid on. China, Brazil, India, Africa, the Middle East, Europe – hard to tell where we’ll end up!

The week in Juarez was busy. We went to our neighbor’s house Wednesday night to watch the U.S. soccer team beat Mexico. Thursday we went to El Paso to meet some of the Mexican diplomats from the El Paso Consulate – they’re a lot of fun. We also took a TDY’er out to dinner on Tuesday at Corralito’s.

It’s been nice to be back in Hot Springs and be able to take my morning walks outside instead of on the treadmill – I’ve seen deer, woodpeckers and bunnies – fun!

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