Good coffee again!

We got the rest of our air shipment delivered this week, so John has his beloved espresso maker and coffee roasting equipment – which means I get delicious lattes on the weekends! I’m enjoying my second one of the morning right now.

This week was fairly routine. I made it to the gym several times this week, although I’m not making it every morning like I was in Pakistan, but I’m working on it! Our building has a nice little gym downstairs, which makes it convenient so I really don’t have an excuse!

Work is going fine. It’s actually a bit of an adjustment to slow down from the pace in Islamabad, but it’s a good problem to have! John and I usually venture out together at lunch and find a place for a taco or a salad (yes, you can eat the veggies here – we even get fruit cups from the street vendor). The weather is so lovely, and it’s such a treat to walk out of the Consulate and be able to walk around.

Another good thing about being here is that we’re more aligned with the time zones, so it’s easier to talk to friends. Ann and I had a good long conversation yesterday, which was nice.

Afterwards, I walked across the street from our apartment to the mall and had a nice manicure and pedicure. One of the hardest things about moving is finding those little things that make you feel more at home – we’re getting there!

We capped off the afternoon with a going-away party for a woman in our office who is heading back to Washington. It was a nice outdoor event at her apartment building with a lovely view of the city – the caterers set up a grill and had all kinds of yummy tacos.

Flavie continues to feel more and more at home. She’s regained some of her playfulness and is eating more – I like to think that she realizes she is home and doesn’t have to go anywhere for several years!

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