Happy Thanksgiving!

John and I had a quiet Thanksgiving Day here in Guadalajara. I hit the gym, then walked down the street to get my nails done. Afterward, John met me at the GastroPatio for lunch – definitely not a traditional lunch! John had a burger and I had Phad Thai. The GastroPatio seems to be a trend in Mexico – I ate at one in Tijuana, too. It’s an outdoor eating space with half a dozen food trucks permanently installed. Quite cute.

Mom had lunch with David and Alison – we chatted for a few minutes on the phone. And we talked to Pete and Ginger who were en route to spend Thanksgiving with the Texas family.

The rest of the week has been quiet. Lots of folks were off work on Friday and we were closed to the public. John and I have watched a ton of episodes of “The Killing” (the American version) and are enjoying it. I’m not feeling great this weekend, so I’ve been wrapped up on the sofa (much to Flavia’s delight). We also watched a couple of movies: “The November Man” and “Venus in Fur.” Hope these sniffles go away soon!

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