I continued to fight a cold most of the week. Sofa-fest from last Saturday carried over to Sunday with lots of TV – multi episodes of “The Killing,” plus an old Harrison Ford movie, “Frantic” (also directed by Roman Polanski who did last week’s “Venus in Fur”).

I went back to work on Monday and just tried to take it easy. John had a super-busy week with the folks from the Office of Buildings Overseas in town. We did try a little steak place after work on Tuesday – it was very homey with pretty good steaks and service – nothing fancy, but enjoyable.

Saturday we stayed home all day and I finally got back to the gym. Late afternoon we got cleaned up and went to my boss’s house for a homemade Italian dinner with the other consular managers. It was lots of fun and the food was delicious!

Today we ventured out for lunch and ended up back at the GastroPatio since most restaurants don’t open til one or two in the afternoon on Sundays. We had a nice little lunch and enjoyed sitting outside to enjoy the beautiful sunny day!

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