Big Week

Wow, you go along with not a lot happening, then BOOM! Everything happens all at once!

Last Sunday afternoon, I flew to Mexico City to work for a few days. I stayed downtown on Reforma, very near the Embassy. I stayed until Wednesday around noon, then flew home. During the time I was there, I attended a conference about migrant children, met with my good friend and former boss Laura along with several other folks I work with via email, and did a lot of observation of their passport operations. My last night there, I ran into three other people from the Consulate in Guadalajara and enjoyed a nice dinner out with them at a lovely restaurant. I ordered beef tongue; I have to admit it wasn’t my favorite – it’s somewhat of a delicacy here but I just couldn’t get past the fact that it’s – well – tongue. Luckily it came with a tasty rib that I thoroughly enjoyed. I really enjoyed Mexico City – much more than I thought I would. The part of town where I stayed was very walkable with lots of nice restaurants and shops. I really enjoyed my trip.

Thursday, the movers came with our stuff! By the end of the day, I was absolutely pooped. Our housekeeper helped us start putting things away, but we still have a long way to go. I am going to try hard to get rid of some things, but it’s hard. John and I recently read a de-cluttering book that our cousin Jeanie recommended so I am hoping to put some of the author’s tips to good use as we unpack. But, it’s so nice to have our lovely rugs, artwork, linens – and more than four forks, knives, and plates!

Here’s the mover unpacking our John Bell cabinet, one of my favorite pieces:

John Bell cabinet

John Bell cabinet











Friday night we had our Consulate Christmas party, where John got to be Santa for all the kids (you can imagine how much he loved that!). He did a great job – and we were tickled pink to see our friend Martha who is here on a TDY from the Consulate in Nogales; we worked together in Juarez. She came over for a glass of wine with Santa before the party:

Martha and Santa

Martha and Santa











Saturday morning we met an old Hendrix friend, Allyn, and his husband Scotty (and two adorable doggies) downtown by the Cathedral for breakfast – we had so much fun! I had not seen Allyn since college but it felt like yesterday. They are living in Puerto Vallarta, so hopefully we will see each other more frequently.

After a long day of unpacking, we cleaned up and went to a party given by the Canadian Consul General – it was lots of fun. He’s young and so personable.

This morning we went to breakfast with Martha and her husband Enrique at a popular Sunday morning spot. On the way home we stopped by a crafts fair, but they were still setting up so we didn’t get to see much.

So there – how’s that for keeping busy this week?!

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