Back home in Juarez


Family at Mom’s house on Sunday

After a great visit in Hot Springs, it was nice to get home to John and Flavia. John’s friend Russ flew in to spend the weekend in Juarez while I was gone – they seemed to have had a great time roasting coffee, smoking meats, eating Crisostomo’s burritos and wandering around the local supermarket.

Last Monday my cousin Lacey took Julie and me around to look at some lake condos in Hot Springs – sure would be nice to have one down there. We’ll see! I also had a great dinner with cousins Dail and Nancy – John and  I sure miss them. And I was happy to get Mike to cut my hair – he does a great job with my mess of curls!

I flew out on Tuesday, so it was back to work on Wednesday. We had a professional development event on Wednesday night at the CG’s residence with a woman from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). She also joined us the next night for book club at our house. We had read a book written by the CIS director, and it was interesting to have her input on the book.

Saturday was busy with two border crossings. We took at TDYer back to the El Paso airport early in the morning, then I went back for a nice baby shower for our friend Ali. Luckily they didn’t make me play any kind of baby games. We had a fun dinner last night with our friends Mike and Rebecca at Los Bichis. Mike is one of the few people I know that makes me really belly-laugh – always fun.

We had a meeting this week at work to talk about the security situation here – there was a shoot-out near the Consulate on Tuesday that killed a top policeman and his three bodyguards, then only days later the police chief resigned under threats – obviously everyone is concerned. What a crazy world.

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