Moving on after orientation

So, this week began our regular training. John is in a two-week class on Western Hemisphere. In addition to good lectures, his class made a couple of field trips (to a Peruvian restaurant and to the American Indian Museum) and watched some movies during lunch.

I had a two-day overseas security seminar with scary topics, like how to survive bio-chemical attacks and hostage situations. Who’d have thought I’d ever be in a job where a class like this is mandatory?! It was all pretty interesting and definitely held my attention!

On Thursday I started a five-and-a-half week Spanish self-study, so currently I’m doing Rosetta Stone from home. It’s sort of an odd assignment, but it’s also really nice not to have to go into the training center every day. I’ll go in occasionally to check email and socialize at lunch.

We’ve had two nice dinners out with classmates this week – last night at Harry’s with Marcy, and Thursday at a good Lebanese place in Adams Morgan with Richard S.

Yesterday morning was a lot of fun – we went to the National Zoo, which is really nice. It was gorgeous outside (70s with low humidity). My favorites were the lemurs (I love their eyes) and the gorillas. While we were at the gorilla habitat, they were each given a big brown paper bag with veggies. One of the “teenagers” stole another one’s bag, while the big silverback munched on his carrots. We also liked the small mammal house because we got to see the meerkats.

This afternoon we are off to a classmate’s house in Silver Spring for a cookout.

Swearing In

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