Life as usual

Mary’s cookout 

So we’re just rocking along…I’m doing Rosetta Stone on the computer everyday for Spanish, and John has been in Western Hemisphere area studies. We had a fun week – Tuesday night was dinner with our classmates who are also assigned to various places in Mexico. Thursday night was dinner with folks in our class and other classes before us who are going to Mexico. Thursday night’s dinner was at a great little Tex-Mex restaurant called El Paso – it was as close to La Palapa in Little Rock that we’ve found – so good that we went back for lunch on Saturday!

Saturday night we had a class going away party – some of our classmates will be leaving in the next few weeks. It was a really fun party.

On Sunday, John and I headed to the Museum of Natural History – super cool! From there, we walked through the Folklife Festival on the Mall, all the way down to the Washington Monument, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. We made a stop to see Einstein’s statue behind the State Department, then back home.

I finished reading The Kite Runner – what a great read! Thanks to Cousin Dail for the recommendation.

With Abe

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