Happy new year!

Painted Redstart

Painted Redstart

Happy new year! We had a quiet evening at home – John was the duty officer so we couldn’t get too rowdy, in case any emergencies came up (none did). We were pleasantly surprised by a two-hour early release, so even though John had to close the building, we got off earlier than normal.

We stayed in for NY’s Day and just enjoyed ourselves. John organized the bookshelves – no small feat if you know how much John loves his books! The house is really coming together and looking nice. We are so glad we bought several rugs in Pakistan.

Friday evening, we had a very nice happy hour at our house. We have been wanting to meet our downstairs neighbors, a young couple with a toddler – both of them are Canadian diplomats. Last weekend at the gym, I met her father – turns out he was a Canadian ambassador to several countries, most recently Israel (he is good friends with the U.S. Ambassador, John’s former boss – small world). So we had all of them up, including the Ambassador’s wife – and our Consul General and her husband and college-age daughter. It was very nice; everyone had lots in common and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

We have really been enjoying the hummingbirds. The other evening, I was talking to Mom and there were four all sitting at the same feeder! They are so territorial that I just couldn’t believe it! I have to fill up the feeders about every other day! And Saturday, John and I were delighted to see a Painted Redstart on the balcony (pictured above) – what a beauty!

Sunday afternoon, I flew to Monterrey to work in our Consulate here. I’m staying in an apartment – it’s pretty bare bones and sort of feel like I’m camping. Hopefully later this week I’ll get internet and a TV!

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