TDY in Monterrey

Monterrey(borrowed from Flickr)

Monterrey(borrowed from Flickr)

So I’m here in Monterrey working for a while. It’s a beautiful city – the surrounding mountains are gorgeous. It’s chilly and has been dizzling for the last few days, although the sun is out today and it’s lovely.

The Consulate is new – it just opened last October and it’s beautiful. I’m working the visa section to fill in for a manager who left post early; it’s not super-busy since January is usually a slower month. The folks are quite nice.

I’m staying in an apartment that’s pretty bare bones, but it’s very close to restaurants, Starbucks, a mall, and – my favorite – an H.E.B. grocery store. It’s huge and has everything; I feel like I’m in San Antonio. The whole city is much more cosmopolitan than I expected; much more like the U.S. than anywhere else I’ve been in Mexico. It’s nice for a change of pace.

Last nice I went with some co-workers to a very nice steak place. A co-worker from New Orleans had several of us over for shrimp and grits this morning for brunch – delish!

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