Back to Mexico

The last eight weeks have been such a blur. I left Guadalajara on January 4th and was working in Monterrey when Mom had her stroke. I left Monterrey and was in Hot Springs until this past Wednesday when I finally returned to Mexico.

Mom seems to be fairly well settled in her house, so I felt OK about leaving (as OK as I’ll ever feel). The caregiver tells me that Mom’s cat has started sleeping on her bed which makes me (and her) very happy.

My departure was hastened a bit by the threat of more snow and ice; I left Hot Springs the night before my flight and spent the night near the airport in Little Rock, then flew standby to be sure to get out before it all hit.

It’s so wonderful to be home again. For one thing, the weather is about as perfect as you can get – high 70s or so, sunny, and clear. I stayed home on Thursday to recuperate, then went back to the office on Friday – I’ve never been so glad to return to work!

John and I are spending a relaxing weekend at home. We went out for a nice alfresco lunch with margaritas and fresh guacamole yesterday. We watched “Birdman” and started getting caught up on “House of Cards.” Flavie is glued to my lap. Life’s good.

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