It definitely feels like spring here. The high today will be around 80 degrees and the beautiful purple jacaranda trees are blooming.

We went out for a nice brunch this morning with our Canadian neighbors Mike and Ester – they are so nice and fun to be around. They introduced us to a hopping little Oaxacan place where I had a delicious omelette with poblano sauce and John had something with mole. We got there a little ahead of most Mexican families – by the time we left there was a long line waiting to get in.

We tried a new restaurant on Thursday with a large group of folks from the Consulate – the food was good, nice outdoor atmosphere, etc. And it was nice to socialize with everyone.

Saturday, John and I both went to the office to try to get a little caught up. I just needed to clean off my desk, and do general clean-up on my emails and electronic files – things that you can’t seem to get done during the day. In the evening, we went to a party to welcome a new officer and his partner – lots of yummy vegetarian dishes.

Mom seems to be doing OK at home. Her first caregiver, Carmen, quit the agency, so there are some other ladies filling in for a couple of weeks before things settle down again. I imagine this won’t be the first time that happens; I’m glad we have the agency to deal with it. I spoke with the hospice nurse one day, and she said Mom was doing alright. I really appreciate friends and family who have gone by to visit her – and thanks to Cousin David for getting a plumber out to install a handhand shower in the bathroom!

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