Where did this rain come from?



It’s been rainy this week and it has continued into the weekend. I like it, actually, although it’s a little chilly and damp. The locals seem to think the rain is early this year – I don’t know since it’s our first spring, but I did buy some cute rain boots while I was in Arkansas, so I’m ready!

Monday night we hosted book club at our house. The electricity went out just before it started and it stayed off through most of the meeting. We moved it onto the balcony to take advantage of the last bit of sun, then we lit candles – it was actually kind of neat. I have to confess that I didn’t read the book, but we always enjoy hosting and I liked the discussion.

We tried a couple of new restaurants this weekend. Thursday we went to El Gordo Steaks – we had heard they had good steaks. We really enjoyed the ambiance but weren’t that crazy about the meat; we’ll go back, but will try some of their more traditional food instead. Last night, on our way home from a “pi” party (to celebrate pi=3.1415), we had a really nice dinner at Ofelia, a rather up-scale, quiet place. I had really good prime rib and John enjoyed his filet. We’ll definitely go back there.

Saturday John and I spent the morning at the office. He was watching some of the guys work on the air conditioner and I worked on insurance claim paperwork and the documentation I need to file with the government of Mexico to recoup the tax we pay on things we buy here. It’s tedious, but with 16% tax, it adds up and makes it worth your while.

Today we braved the rain and weekend crowd to go to Costco. We had gone to Sam’s a few months ago but were pretty disappointed. Costco was great, though. We loaded up on meat to put in the freezer, plus picked up a few other things we needed. It felt pretty much like being back in the U.S.

Mom had a really bad day on Tuesday. There was a fill-in caregiver; I’m not sure if she was the problem or if Mom just got depressed, but I called her around 11AM and she burst into tears and wouldn’t stop. It was horrible. I called later that evening and the new caregiver Suzie had arrived and Mom was doing much better. Suzie took her out on the back porch on Wednesday and I think Mom really enjoyed that. Caregiver Debbie arrived today; the plan is for her to be one of Mom’s “permanent” caregivers; ultimately there will be two of them that rotate four days on, four days off. I’m anxious to get them into a good routine so Mom can get used to them.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon today working on Mom’s bills, making sure everything is up to date, setting up on-line access, etc. I just don’t want anything to fall through the cracks.

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