Rocking along

Mom called this week and asked if we had come down from the clouds yet about getting our next assignment – the answer is “no!” We are still in shock and so excited! John has already gotten several books about Israel and is immersed in reading about Israeli history.

This was another busy week. Last Sunday morning, our Mexican friends Juan and Gloria invited us to breakfast at their house. We had a great time visiting with them, along with Martha and Enrique. Gloria fixed a traditional Mexican breakfast with homemade tortillas, chilaquiles, beans, fresh orange juice and an egg dish – it was all delicious (especially those tortillas). We really enjoyed the morning.

Monday night was book club – our book this month was a departure from non-fiction, The Ugly American. Great choice with a lively discussion.

Much of the week was spent staying late at work to get ready for a class I gave on Friday. We’re moving to a new process where visa applicants will go to a contractor to have fingerprints and photos taken before they arrive at the Consulate. We’re one of the first to move to this model, so it’s pretty exciting. It will also mean that one day a week, I won’t have to just take fingerprints all day and I can get back to interviewing. This has been a duty that we rotate, and not especially fun. Friday’s class went well.

Friday night, we went to Los Bichis to celebrate John’s excellent annual employee evaluation. These evaluations are a constant source of stress for us all. Right now, the principal officer has both of ours on his desk for final review. Fingers crossed!

Saturday morning, we got up early to work as control officers for three U.S. representatives who came to Juarez for a security briefing at the Consulate. We had a motorcade of six vehicles to bring them to and from the office. We had not been in a motorcade before, and it was fun to whiz through the streets of Juarez with police escorts clearing the way. The motorcycle cops here drive pretty crazy, tapping on windows of cars warning them to get out of the way. Wish I had a motorcade everywhere I went!

We watched “Quantum of Solace,” the latest James Bond movie last night, and also got in several episodes of “The Wire” during the week. We love “The Wire”!

I wish I could have been back at Hendrix for alumni weekend – I loved seeing photos of the Galloway Hall reunion!

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