Tel Aviv 2010

A little different than Ciudad Juarez!

Shalom! John and I were thrilled to find out that our next post will be Tel Aviv, Israel (pictured above). We’ll probably be in DC for most of 2010 to learn Hebrew, then we should be off to TA in the latter part of the year. It was our number one choice on our bid list and we are so grateful to our assignments team in DC. I’ll do a two-year consular gig, and John will do one year of consular work followed by one year as staff assistant to the Ambassador. It should be a great post. Thanks for all of the nice notes and calls!

Last Sunday, I took three of the TDYers shopping in El Paso. I dropped them off at the outlet mall, then went to a goodbye lunch for a co-worker. We went to a good Vietnamese restaurant that reminded me of the great food in DC when we lived near the Eden Center.

Thursday after work, I drove to El Paso to buy beer and soft drinks for our spring volleyball tournament at work. Unfortunately, the temperature dropped to about 40 degrees on Friday, so we froze our fannies off but we still had a lot of fun. Good tacos warmed us up.

Yesterday I worked most of the day while John went to El Paso to buy groceries and books about Israel. It’s just impossible to get everything done at work during the week. Last night, our friends Mark and Michelle had folks over for a good Italian dinner followed by a rousing game of “Celebrity.” I’ll tell you how to play it sometime – it’s fun!

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