Quick trip to Hot Springs

I took advantage of the Mexican holidays to make a quick trip to Hot Springs to see Mom. She seems to be doing well, or at least as best as we can expect. She let me take her in her wheelchair down the street where the neighborhood was having a picnic. I think she enjoyed getting to say hello to people and get out. We also sat on the back porch for a while, and Sandy and Christine stopped by.

I had to get to the airport in an armored vehicle Saturday morning. On Friday, we were on lockdown because the narco-traffickers were burning cars and blocking roads in and out of Guadalajara (they’re called “narco-blockades). Everything was fine on Saturday morning and the trip to the airport was uneventful.

John took me for a really nice meal at Sacromonte Thursday night. It’s sort of an old standard in Guadalajara; some folks had told us it seemed a bit run down, but we really enjoyed it. I had a nice steak with a creamy cilantro sauce – tasty!

Otherwise the week has been fairly uneventful. We started watching a great PBS series, “Wolf Hall,” about the life of Thomas Cromwell in Henry the VIII’s court – very interesting and well done.

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