Hacienda el Carmen

Hacienda el Carmen

I got my new Fitbit in the mail this week and it’s kind of amazing how much I want to see my little dots light up, so I’ve been hitting the gym with a little more intent this week. It’s fun!

Otherwise I don’t have much to report. The week ended on a fun note for John. He was in charge of the going-away party at work for our Consul General and it was a big hit, complete with one of the top Mariachi bands in Mexico (11 musicians!). He went on to have a board game night with some other English speakers; I decided not to go. Instead I came home and binged on “Enlightened” – I love Laura Dern in it.

The weekend has been super-nice and quiet. We made a foray to Costco this morning but otherwise we’ve just relaxed and watched a bit of TV. We finished season one of “True Detective” and really enjoyed it after we finally got into it. I’ve done an insane amount of looking at Hot Springs lake condos on Zillow. Fun!

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