Slow week



Not a lot happening this week. The weather continues to be lovely with nice sunny days and some storms at night. We’ve even had hail a few times this week.

I’m the duty officer this week, so I’m always expecting the phone to ring with an emergency. I’ve had a few calls, but luckily nothing too urgent. I had three calls Wednesday during the night; just when I would go to sleep, the phone would ring again – argh! John and I call the duty phone “the egg” since you have to carry it and coddle it for the week you’re on duty.

Our former co-worker from Juarez, Yazmin, passed away on Thursday after having a liver transplant here in GDL. John and I helped get folks from the Consulate to donate blood and had gotten to visit her a couple of times. She was such a sweetie and leaves behind a husband and two children. It was a sad day and contributed to a week that often felt sluggish.

Luckily the week ended on a higher note. Yesterday we went to the farmers market, then I ran errands in the afternoon. I was sad to see that my favorite nursery had closed; I drove passed the address several times before I realized that the vacant lot was where it was three weeks ago! We’ve binged on “True Detective” and are really enjoying season two.

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