The hummers return

We’re starting to see signs of spring here in Juarez – the hummingbirds came back this week! I was tickled to see a pair at our feeder. The nights are still down in the 40s, but days have been sunny in the 70s.

We took last Monday off from work, which was nice and relaxing. I spent most of the day in El Paso, shopping and getting highlights in my hair. Our neighbor Michael came down for happy hour.

The week was pretty slow at work, giving me some much-needed time to work on my employee evaluation. John and I both are very happy with our reviews from our bosses. Right now we are finishing up the personal statement section, then they’ll be ready to turn in.

Friday after work, we organized a group of WAEers (the retirees who are here to work with us) for dinner at Los Bichis. They are a lot of fun, and as I have mentioned before, have such a wealth of experience and stories. We went to El Paso yesterday to pick up another WAEer at the airport and got him settled in his hotel here in Juarez.

Last night, we had dinner with Michael and Teresa at Corralito’s – nice evening.

We’ve been watching the last season of “The Wire” this week – I’ll be sorry to finish it, it’s so good.

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