A lazy Sunday


Indian food with friends

After a busy and fun week, it’s great to lie around on a nice Sunday afternoon. John is outside smoking a backstrap of deer¬†that our friend Reid gave us. Flavia is curled up sound asleep in her favorite chair. I’ve been trying to conquer the more difficult Sudoku puzzles without a lot of success.

It was a good week at work. I spent two days at a passport fraud conference in El Paso that was interesting, plus I got to see a few old friends from DC. John met me over there Tuesday night for dinner at Geske’s with our friend Sarah from Tijuana and Nicole from Mexico City.

When I came back to the office, I found out that I have a six-month rotation assignment in American Citizen Services, something that I have been wanting for a long time. I’ll start May 4th, and can’t wait! I also got assigned to work on our web pages until then, updating them and doing some re-design – which I really enjoy doing – so much so that I worked most of Saturday.

Last Sunday John smoked a couple of chickens and we took one to Reid and Katherine Рwe got to see their cute new baby, Teddy. We went back to Los Bichis with the WAEers (the retirees) Friday after work. They are so funny and I really enjoy being around them. Then last night, we met some friends at an Indian restaurant in El Paso Рreally good food. It was a lot of fun and a good change of pace.

This week, our friend Ali at work had a birthday, so her friends made here a nearly life-size cutout of her favorite soccer player. These are some of our very favorite girls in the office.


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