Short week

With Monday being a holiday, it was a short week. I took advantage of the day to hit the gym, then went to try a new spa and had a good massage and pedicure – very relaxing. Our sweet housekeeper fell en route to our house; luckily John was here to take her to the ER. She injured her leg, so the doctor put her on bed rest for a while until she feels better.

We’re in the tail-end of rainy season here, and I sure will miss the nice cool days and (some) stormy nights – it’s been such a lovely summer.

John is in the throes of year-end procurement, so his Saturdays will be spent working this month, but yesterday I went to a poolside picnic to welcome a new Consulate family.

Otherwise, it’s been a low-key week. We watched “Narcos,” a series about Pablo Escobar – really good. I split and re-planted the chile pepper plant that I bought last week and put it by the hummingbird feeder – I think the birds like the additional splashes of red.

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