I’m Still Here

A week ago Saturday I flew to Hot Springs to close down Mom’s house. Mary picked me up at the airport and drove me to Hot Springs, and spent the first two nights with me. She was a huge help getting me started packing up everything. Most everything is being picked up by the Garland County Humane Society, something that I like to think would make Mom happy. They have a thrift store and were thrilled with the furniture and everything else. They left me a bed and a couple of chairs to use, so they will come back right before I leave.

There are so many odds and ends. Mary went with me to the attorney’s office to take notes for me – thank goodness. Lots to do. I still probably have a trip back to the attorney, to the bank, etc. – not to mention trying to sell the car, meeting with realtor to list the house, etc. Two weeks is speeding by.

I’ve had dinner on David and Alison’s lovely lakeside back porch a couple of nights – we tried to see the moon last night but there were too many clouds (we had taken Mom out on the boat during the last super-moon, something she really enjoyed). It’s been a nice break.

This whole process is pretty emotional, especially going through her hundreds of photos she had taken – plus the old family pictures that I plan to take back with me to scan. Maybe that will spur me to digitize my own photos that are languishing in heavy photo albums.

The house is quiet; I had turned off internet and cable. I listen to my iPod or a tinny country station on a little radio (out of range for NPR). I bought a temporary membership at the gym, so I’ve been working out each day (and using their wi-fi now).

Onward! Back to it…

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