Happy birthday, John!

Old and new machines

Old and new machines

John’s a full deck now – 52! His birthday present to himself is a new fancy-pants espresso machine (on the right in the photo). His previous machine has been great, but it was time to upgrade. He’s very happy!

We went to a fun party last night at a co-worker’s house – she made delicious pizzas. It was nice to get out and socialize.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. It felt like a long week, even though we had last Monday off. I helped with the local guards’ English class on Wednesday evening. Yesterday I went to the office to clean off my desk and work on personal paperwork that I never seem to have time to do (insurance, etc.). It feels great to have some of that kind of stuff done!

It’s a nice cool morning in Guadalajara today – we’re enjoying having the balcony doors open and listening to the birds while we enjoy our coffee from the new machine!

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