We love November

A great perk of working in the Foreign Service is getting double holidays – U.S. holidays plus those of your host country. For us in Mexico, November is great – this month we have a holiday every week! This week we were off on Wednesday for Veteran’s Day. I walked across the street and had a nice manicure-pedicure, then John met me for lunch followed by a trip to the VIP movie theatre where we saw the new James Bond movie – what a nice day!

Last Sunday I did a lot of shopping – a trip to Costco, the mall and the grocery store. I’m not a huge shopper, but it’s fun once in a while.

I do like shopping at arts and crafts fairs, which we did yesterday. John and I picked up his boss Ray and his wife for a trip to the annual fair in Chapala. It was a lovely day topped off by lunch at a restaurant on the lake. The only down side was the crazy traffic getting out of town – it’s “buen fin” – the Mexican equivalent of Black Friday. Everyone was trying to get to all of the sales around town.

Friday night after work, John and I went to a get-together of his gaming friends. It was at Emily’s house – lots of fun. We grilled and played games – very nice.

Today Rocio and Ana from work picked me up and we went to a party about an hour out in the country. Our co-worker Miguel had invited us for his son’s baptism party. It was in his small pueblo in a nice setting with a band and tacos – a real taste of small town fun! And it was a pretty drive out there and back.

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